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WoW: Your Random Dungeon group is ready!
Me: clicks Enter Dungeon
Loading screen: 10%
Me: waits
Me: waits
Me: waits
Group: kicks me for being idle
Loading screen: 11%
Me: waits
Me: waits
Me: turns 30
Me: gets married
Me: has three beautiful children
Blizzard: goes out of business and shuts off servers
Me: grows old and dies
Children: grow old and die
Humanity: transcends physical bodies to live as pure energy
Sun: expands into red giant and wipes out life on earth
Sun: shrinks to white dwarf
Galaxy: collides with Andromeda
Universe: undergoes heat death
New Universe: big bang
Solar system: forms
Earth: evolves life
Life: leaves oceans
Dinosaurs: go extinct
Mammals: become dominant
Early hominids: develop tools
Humanity: settles down in cities
Egypt: builds pyramids
Rome: rises and falls
Britain: colonises Australia
Computers: invented
Me: born anew
WoW: released anew
Me: waits at loading screen
Loading screen: 12%
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